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New learning techniques can be acquired by every experience that we have with each student, which will allow us to become a reference school and consulting company to the world over time. Thus, allowing English studying to become a subject of amusement rather than an obligation imposed by either the business world or other parties.

Who are we?

Mag'n'don is a virtual Brazilian English school. Focused on providing classes through social media such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google Hangouts. The company also assist the students with exchange programs suggestions as well as getting them on the spot with partners based in English speaking countries in Europe (Ireland and the United Kingdom) and the brand-new world: Australia. We also do business with students from abroad.

We provide for the education market a new set of learning techniques to make English teaching a subject of interest to the student, making it so unlikely compared to the traditional ways that the student will carry on his studies motivated by his own passions such as music, games, books, movies, TV Shows, Internet articles, social media content and further individual needs. Also, to perform consulting chores when it comes to exchange programs, ensuring the customers of Mag’n’don the most feasible option available in the market.

Should you be interested in conversation classes leave us a message. We offer competitive prices and we rely on a very skilled team to develop your speaking, writing and listening skills. All of that in a pay as you go format, no further commitment required apart from scheduling a class in advance through e-mail.

Why should you choose us
instead of other internet based schools?

1) We offer a trial conversation class free of charge with non-natives, which lasts for thirty minutes and with the natives a trial of 10 minutes from the following countries: Ireland, The United Kingdom and Australia. Just book a class in the advance so we can properly schedule our partners as we deal with time differences around the world.

2) Competitive prices: Pay as you go, which means you schedule a class through e-mail, attend to it and done – no further commitment required. You stick with us for the time that you deem necessary. We only advice you on how long you should stay with us until your skills are sharp enough, but the final decision is on our student’s hands. In other words, flexibility.

3) Our professionals also have skills as system analists and data mining. Data mining allow I.T professionals to extract valuable information in terms of financial investments, comparison amongst a myriad of products and services to hit the best possible cost / benefit options for the moment, which in this case will be flight companies, travelling dates, schools, packages and so forth. All of that to ensure that our customers get the cheapest prices when we bundle it all up as a travel package.

4) We offer many modalities for English teaching classes: basic, intermediate and conversation classes. The pricing depends on the student’s level and the customer gets to choose the professional to have a conversation class. Do you want a native or a non-native? Prices may be different as well due to currencies differences (Euro, Australian Dollar and the British Pound). Within Brazil we accept payments through bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal, which is the only option currently available for students that decide to purchase classes from a native English speaker.

our services

English Conversation - Magndon

Conversation Classes

Available through social media and also in real life
(for the great Florianópolis in Brazil).
Aulas de Inglês - Magndon

Classes for beginners and intermediate students

Available through social media and also in real life
(for the great Florianópolis in Brazil)
Travelling Consulting - Magndon

Travelling and exchange program consulting

Assessment and exchange programs proposals with the countries that are Mag'n'don's partners.
Travelling Consulting - Magndon

Translations and transcriptions

Translation of documents and videos, aside from transcription of audio and presentation crafting.

Words from our students.

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